tl;dr in goes English, out comes Python:

ICortex is a no-code development framework that lets you to develop Python programs using plain English. Simply create a recipe that breaks down step-by-step what you want to do in plain English. Our code generating AI will follow your instructions and develop a Python program that suits your needs.

ICortex is designed to be …

  • a drop-in replacement for the IPython kernel. Prompts can be executed via magic commands such as %prompt.

  • interactive—automatically install missing packages, decide whether to execute the generated code or not, and so on, directly in the Jupyter Notebook cell.

  • open source and fully extensible—ICortex introduces a domain-specific language for orchestrating various code generation services. If you think we are missing a model or an API, you can request it by creating an issue, or implement it yourself by subclassing ServiceBase under icortex/services.

Get started#

Visit Quickstart to get started with ICortex.

If you are experiencing any issues or have found a bug, join our Discord to get help.